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Seattle Pergolas and Arbors

Usually, pergola is a large wooden structure with at least 4 support beams and open sides. The roof is made up of wooden cross-beams spaced apart to allow air and sunlight through. Pergola’s are used for gathering or entertaining groups of people. It provides a comfortable shaded area in the outdoor.

Arbors are used on paths, walkways or entrances. Usually, arbors are used at the entrance to a garden. Since they are used in the garden, there are plants and vines growing on arbors. Arbors are smaller in size, they are meant for people to walk through or gardening purposes. Arbors allow plants to grow over the lattice work on the sides and top.

Gazebo are usually round or octagonal whereas pergola is normally square or rectangular. They come with a roof unlike pergola with their cross-beams top. They can be standalone or attached to a garden wall. They provide a shady shelter in the outdoor.

Although these structures are usually made of wood, they can also be made of others like steel, aluminium and vinyl. Wood is the most common and standard material used. It is durable and it adds the rustic feel to the living space but it is also more costly. Cedar, being insect and rot resistant, is usually used. On the other hand, aluminium is lightweight which make assembling easier. Aluminium is also able to withstand weather and water damage.

These structures, pergola, arbors or gazebo will add market value to your Seattle house. Since there is growing trend towards outdoor living, the value of property with outdoor structures will definitely increase too.

Pergola, arbor or gazebo from Seattle Deck and Fence Pro’s will not only increase the cost value of your home, it will enhance your family outdoor living experience. These structures are able to last for years with minimal maintenance.

You can be assured that our woods are obtained directly from qualified lumber supplies so that we can offer you the best material at the most affordable price available. We custom build each panel and then carefully install your structure with pride.

Designing and building pergola, arbor and gazebo have always been our expertise. We are here to help you construct the ideal structure to suit your needs. You can choose your pergola, arbor or gazebo from our wide range of colors, textures and styles.

We make sure that we only work with trusted supplies so that we can provide our clients with reliable and affordable products and services. Our team strikes to please customers with our excellent service and we promise all our projects are delivered on time.

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